Parent Resource Guide

Welcome to the RoseGarden Parent Resource Guide for Skating Lessons and Figure Skating.  RoseGarden Ice Arena has complied a comprehensive list of helpful information for our parents and skaters.  Files can be downloaded individually or as a complete 65 page guide.

Parent Resource Guide FULL GUIDE

1 General Info-Introduction

2 General Info-About Learn to Skate and Future Stars

3 General Info-Taking Care of your skates

4 General Info-Ice Etiquette Rules and Guidelines

5 General Info-Clothing Guidelines for Lessons, Testing, and Competition

6 General Info-Figure Skating Associations

7 General Info-ISI and USFS Competiton Events

8 General Info-Why join a USFS figure skating club

9 General Info-Competition Expenses, Budgeting, and Information

10 General Info-Competition Checklist

11 LTS USA-What is Learn to Skate USA with Helpful tips

12 LTS USA-Basic Skills Levels and Skills

13 LTS USA-Freeskate levels and Skills

14 LTS USA-Snowplow Levels and Skills

15 LTS USA-Hockey Levels and Skills

16 ISI-ISI Test and Competition Levels

17 ISI-ISI Testing Information

18 US Figure Skating- Testing Information

19 US Figure Skating-Test Track vs Well Balanced Program

20 US Figure Skating-Qualifying progression and age requirements

21 US Figure Skating-Comparison of Judging Systems

22 US Figure Skating Judging-6.0 Ordinals system

23 US Figure Skating Judging- IJS scores

24 US Figure Skating- Test Track Requirements

25 US Figure Skating- Singles Well Balanced Program FS Chart

26 US Figure Skating-Benefits of test track PSA magazine July 2017