RoseGarden Ice Arena offers both Open and Club freestyle sessions for skaters to have practice and private lessons.  All skaters must be Ice Skating Institute (ISI) members to skate on Open Freestyle ice.  We also offer advanced group lessons and off-ice training for the Intermediate though Elite level ISI and USFS skater.  The RoseGarden Ice Arena is also home to the USFS Norwich Figure Skating Club.  ISI and USFS Test sessions and events are available here at the  RoseGarden.  The freestyle/rink schedule can be found at the top right hand of the webpage.

​***Although we do require ISI memberships for both skaters and coaches since RGIA is an ISI member rink, USFS skaters and coaches are welcome to join us but must have a valid/current ISI membership.  For more information on how to obtain the appropriate membership, please contact Tiesha DiMaggio.

RoseGarden Ice Academy: Academy Freestyle

  • Academy freestyle is open to any RoseGarden ISI member skaters and RoseGarden Learn to Skate staff coaches ONLY
  • Academy freestyle is 60 minute sessions ONLY unless otherwise indicated on the form.  Half sessions are NOT available for registration or walk-on.  Fees are the same as Open Freestyle.
  • ***Classes held on these sessions have first priority and programs that become full will result in the cancellation of the club freestyle session .  If a club freestyle session is full and no longer open, skaters will be able to transfer to another open session with no penalty.
  • No refunds/no makeups/no session switching

Open Freestyle Ice

  • Open Freestyle Fees
    Subscription to sessions are sold in 60 minute blocks.
    *Walk-on Rate:  $20 per 60 minutes
    *Subscription rate is $16.00 for 60 minutes
  • Training Packages available.  Combine with on and off ice classes for discounts
  • Open freestyle is for any skater with a valid and current ISI membership
  • No refunds/no makeups/no session switching


Coaching Policies:

ALL coaches must be ISI Professional members and approved by RoseGarden management PRIOR to coaching on any RoseGarden Session (freestyle or public session).  To set up a meeting and obtain required paperwork, please contact Tiesha at (860) 608-0855.  USFS coaches are welcome to coach with the appropriate ISI membership.  All coaches must have Coaches Liability Insurance (ISI, USFS, and PSA insurance accepted) and RoseGarden Ice Arena must be listed as additional insured.

*Please contact Tiesha 1-2 weeks prior to your first scheduled lesson to ensure all paperwork is processed and allow time to schedule a meeting.

Freestyle Rules

General / Ice Rules
1.      All skaters must have a current ISI Membership (proof of membership required for non-RoseGarden Ice Arena members.  skaters can provide an ISI Membership card or call ahead so we can confirm your membership with the ISI office).
2.      Skaters must sign a RGIA Waiver and RGIA Code of Conduct before going on the ice.
3.      No Game Playing
4.      NO skaters may be on the ice when the Zamboni is resurfacing. Please exit the ice promptly at the end of the session and keep rink door closed until resurfacing is completed.
5.      No standing on the ice.  Skaters must stay moving at all times.
6.      Socializing needs to be conducted off of the ice or at the barrier
7.      Any skater wearing hockey skates or a helmet must be with a coach at all times (no pucks allow on any Freestyle session)
8.      Skaters must have PASSED ISI Delta (in FS1 or higher) to skate on a freestyle session without a coach (no age restriction). Skaters under this level must have the approval of managment. (rule usdated 9/21/17) 
9.      Keep the traffic flow moving through the primary Lutz corners. No stationary coaching in the Lutz corners.
10.   Skaters who do not follow RGIA Ice/Music Rules or RGIA Code of Conduct will be warned.  Any skaters who are in violation of the RGIA rules or code of conduct will be warned.  If further disciplinary action is warranted, the skater may be removed from the ice without refund.
11.   Skaters cannot yell ‘Heads Up’ (or similar) unless imminent danger of collision exists.  Swearing or yelling at other skaters will not be permitted.  Any skater who acts inappropriately will be warned and then if the problem persists, removed from the ice with no refund (See RGIA Code of Conduct).
12.   Skaters are not permitted to use hand held devices or earphones while skating (coaches are permitted to use handheld devices to choreograph)
13.   Coaches must conduct their lessons from the barrier whenever possible and coaches must yield AT ALL TIMES to the skaters on the session.
14.   Coaches may teach group (semi-private) lessons with no more than 5 skaters per coach.  RGIA Group lessons on Freestyle ice have priority on all Club Sessions.  Group private lessons may not interrupt the flow and safety of the session.  Drills that utilize the entire ice must not interrupt the flow of the session or disrupt other skaters/lessons.  Calisthenics type exercises are not allowed on the ice at any time during freestyle sessions.  Group sizes may be limited if the safety of the session is compromised.


Music Rules
1.      All skaters must wear a vest to have the right of way when doing their program
2.      Skaters on lesson only have right of way when they are on program.
3.      Every skater should have their music played once before any skater has their music played a second time.
a.      Skaters may not get their music played more than once during busy sessions.
b.      Please see rules below regarding lesson and order
4.      Skaters need to sign in their programs on the white board (or similar) at the start of the session to get their music in rotation.  Order is two lessons and one non lesson.  If no white board is available, then use a piece of paper or an ice marker to indicate the order.
5.      Restarting of music is not allowed if there is a line.  If you choose to play only a section of a piece of music, that is your choice, and it will count as your program.  When your music is stopped, the next skater in line will played.
6.      Choreography should be done using hand held devices during busy sessions.  If you put the music into rotation, that will count as your program.  Hand held devices must not be able to be heard above the rink system.  Boom boxes that are on the barrier must not be played above the level of the skater who is on program.
7.      Music Rotation Rules

  • The skater on deck cannot be bumped unless they have already had their program played
  • Skaters on lesson have priority for their first program ONLY.
  • If you have a lesson and you play your program before your lesson starts, you have lost your coaches priority to  have your lesson played.  Please check with your coach before you request your program on a busy session
  • If you are the skater on deck on a busy session, please be ready to skate as quickly as possible
  • Do not congregate at the music box

8.  All music must be on phone/mp3.  Skaters can submit their music in mp3 format to to be put on the rink tablet.