Adult Hockey League (AHL)

2017-2018 Fall/Winter League

9/7:  The fall schedule is not final until you receive notification from the rink.  Do not distribute or mark your calendars until an official email is sent.
9/7:  Payments can now be made on the online portal
  • $5300 per team
    • Deposit:  9/14-$100
    • Payment 1:  10/15  $1500
    • Payment 2:  11/30  $1500
    • Payment 3:  1/15   $1500
    • Payment 4:  2/15   $700
    • Any team with a balance as of 3/1 will not be eligible for playoffs
  • 18 games with playoffs
  • A, B, and C League available.  C league will have 2 divisions and have separate playoffs (C1 and C2)
  • Teams/Players must log into their players club account to have access to team schedule
  • Rosters are due 1 week prior to first game and any changes have to be submitted at least 24 hours prior to game time for the player to be eligible
  • Teams can use the online portal for payments.  Captains can make the payments or let their players know their per player fee.  It is up to the captains to inform their team of their payment amounts per player.
  • There were no Saturdays that were early enough to run two games or there were already TBA events put in.  RGIA would like to thank the teams that offered to play.  If any of the tentative events come out of the schedule and I can move some games up, I will notify teams who are willing to play.
  • Every effort was made to make sure no team had 2 games in a week, did not have consecutive weeks off (unless there was a holiday and/or requested no game), and I tried to honor all requests.  I know this season is long, I have 2 Tuesday snow dates late in the season added in just in case weather becomes an issue.  Playoff schedule will be posted here and will start as soon as the regular season ends.
Fall AHL Practice Schedule
EB/Nomads  Tues 9/5@9p
ODC/Navy  Thurs 9/7@8:30p
Growlers/Health 180  Thurs 9/7@9:50p
Gun Oil/Nukeheads  Sun 9/10@8:30p
Napa/Hellfish  Sun 9/10@9:50p
TBD/Yeti  Mon 9/11@8:30p
Ave Joes/Code Blue  Mon 9/11@9:50p
Statewide/Boubere Tue 9/12@9p
Shenanigans/Garbagemen Tue 9/12@10:10p