League Rules

  1. A Rules Enforcement Committee consisting of at least one player representative from each league division and one on-ice official will perform the following functions to ensure a fair and safe playing environment is maintained in the RGIA AHL:
    • a. Review and update the league rules as needed prior to each season or during season in conjunction with RGIA.
    • b.  Review all player/team penalty statistics maintained/provided by RGIA at about the 40% point and 80% point of each season and determine adjustment/corrective action recommendations to be made to RGIA management for players or teams demonstrating excessive roughness or repeated disregard for the playing rules.
    • c.  Conduct hearings into all match penalties assessed, and all situations of 3 fighting or 3 total aggressive major penalties per USA Hockey Rule 411 (as tracked and reported biweekly by RGIA) received by any player in a 12-month period, to determine corrective action/suspension recommendations to be made to RGIA management.
  2. The AHL is established as a non-check Adult league using the Body Contact rules of play in accordance with USA Hockey Rules. All participants must have a waiver on file with the Norwich RoseGarden Ice Arena.  All players must be 18 years old or older to play in any adult levels.
  3. Full Equipment is required (including shoulder pads).  All protective equipment used must meet USA Hockey requirements for Adults, except face protection equaling or exceeding a half-shield visor must be worn properly with the helmet.  USA Hockey stick and goalkeeper equipment dimensions are NOT mandatory in the AHL, but use of dangerous or unfair equipment (in referee opinion) is prohibited.
  4. Payments must be made by the due date or games will be canceled/forfeited until payment is made, no refunds will be given for forfeited games.
  5. Team Standings and penalties will be posted on website
  6. All teams will play 18 regular season games.
  7. 3 minute warm up with three 15 minute stop time periods.  Games will start 3 minutes after the posted start time on the schedule unless both captains agree to start the game earlier.  If there is no timekeeper, periods will be 20 minutes long, running time, with 2/5/10-minute penalty times.  Start time will be based on Universal Time (what is listed on computer/cell phones).  The rink will make every attempt to make sure the rink clock and lobby clock are set to Universal time but both are manually set so if there is a dispute, please defer to universal time and have the timekeeper reset the rink clock accordingly.
  8. Wins will earn 2 points, a regulation tie ending in a loss will earn 1 point and a regulation loss will earn 0 points.
  9. In the event of a tie in a regular season game, there will be a 3 minute 4 on 4 over time.  If after 3 minutes the game is still tied, there will be a 3-player rotating shootout.  Any player is eligible after the 3-player shootout.
  10. RGIA will make every attempt to not schedule referees in the same division they play for.
  11. Shots deflected by a stick, with the point of contact above the crossbar will NOT result in a goal (this stick-height limitation refers only to shots on goal).
  12. When a player is sent off the ice due to a Game Misconduct, Match Penalty, or 3rd Penalty Game Ejection, he must proceed expeditiously to his locker room.  If an opposing player simultaneously or soon afterward on his own volition leaves the “cold” area of the rink through the lobby doors or rear hallway doors during the game, he will be assessed an automatic Game Misconduct whenever the referee becomes aware of his departure.  Thereafter, if players from either team leave the “cold” area of the rink during the game and soon after the incident, all will be assessed an automatic Game Misconduct whenever the referee becomes aware of their departures
  13. AHL will use USA Hockey playing rules with the following exceptions
    a.  1:30 minute minor / 4:00 minute major / 8:00 minute misconduct
    b.  Following a penalty to a single team, the faceoff location will be at a faceoff dot in the offending team’s defensive zone.
    c.  Additional exceptions contained in the Penalties/Suspensions section.
  14. Slaughter Rule:
    1. ​Losing captain can always choose to go to running time at any point in the game
    2. a 6 goal differential at  the start of or at any time in the 3rd period constitutes automatic running time


  1. A 30 player maximum roster must be submitted to rosegardenicearena@gmail.com by the 1st game.  All teams must use the form provided so the roster can be uploaded into the HTO Portal.
  2. If a team has ANY CHANGE to a roster, a new roster must be submitted to management each time there is a change using the form above.
  3. Every team must submit an attendance sheet prior to every game.  All attendance sheets must list player, jersey number, and signature.  If a player is using a different jersey number than what was submitted on the roster, please flag it on the attendance sheet.
  4. If a player (non-goalie) on the ice is not on the permanent roster or the league mandated substitute list for that division, the game will result in a forfeit unless approved by the opposing team captain.
  5. (Non-Goalie) Players may not be on more than one team roster.   Subs may play up a division and any sub that is a full time player for another team must be listed as a sub, have the opposing captains signature that the player is approved for that game, and must be listed on the attendance sheet for that game as a sub.
  6. Players can be added after the third game with RGIA management approval only.
  7. Teams must list a rostered primary goalie.
  8. Goalies on A league rosters are not eligible to play in C league games without approval of opposing team C captain.
  9. Players must participate in 6 or more games to be eligible for the playoffs.  Any player playing in less than six regular season games can petition management (and Rules Committee) to be eligible for playoffs if they have been a player of good standing and have played in at least one full season prior to the current season.
  10. All players must wear the number jersey that is indicated on the roster.  Any changes to jersey number must be submitted to the scorekeeper before the game played with the new number.  All teams must hand in an attendance sheet to the scorekeeper BEFORE EACH GAME.
  11.  In summary, to avoid a forfeit, captains must have the opposing captain’s approval for any player who is not:
    * On the team’s roster, OR
    * On the league substitute list for that division, OR
    * A goalie, except a rostered A division goalie playing in a C division game still requires approval.
    – Players may be listed on only one team roster – Players on a team roster for A or B division may not be on the league substitute list for C division.
  12. All players must have different numbers on the roster.  Two players can not share the same number or a variation of the same number.  (note:  the system does not recognize 01 from 1)


  1. The top 2 teams of each division will play a one game championship game.
  2. If there are 4 or more teams in a division, there will be a semi final round between the top 4 teams with the winners playing the championship game (Playoff seedings and matchups will be 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3).
  3. In the event of a regular season tie, the following tie breakers will apply in this order:  Head to head, most wins, goal differential (teams will receive no more than +/-6 goals a game), Goals Against, Goals for, Least penalty minutes.
  4. In a playoff, if the game is tied after 3 periods there will be a 3 minute 4 on 4 overtime.  If after 3 minutes the game is still tied, there will be a 5-player rotating shootout.  Any player is eligible after the 5-player shootout.
  5. Any team that has over a 2.5 penalty per game average will be ineligible for playoffs.  Penalty assessments will be done throughout the season to flag teams that are in jeopardy or are close to the penalty margin.


1  RGIA Management reserves the right to remove any player or team from the league for behavior that is detrimental to the integrity of the league or the Rose Garden Ice Arena.  No refunds will be given.
2  Any player that appears impaired (alcohol, etc) will be ejected from that game, without suspension, unless a suspension has already been awarded.
3  Any player receiving a notice of suspension for more than one game can submit an appeal in writing.  The protest book is available with the scorekeeper and any protest must be filled out at the end of the game by captains ONLY.  Captains may follow up with a more detailed email within 24 hours.
4  Verbal abuse of a Referee/Scorekeeper will result in a game misconduct.
5  NO FIGHTING … if you fight, it is an automatic 2-game suspension.  Instigation of a fight will result in an additional 1-game suspension plus the minor penalty required by USA Hockey rules.  Any player (NOT just the first) that intervenes or joins in a fight/altercation must receive a Game Misconduct in addition to other penalties received during the incident.
6  Any player who receives a second major penalty for fighting within a 12-month period shall receive an additional 3-game suspension. A third fighting in a 12-month period will result in suspension from league games (with NO REFUND) until a Supplementary Discipline hearing is held and corrective actions determined.
7  Penalties/misconducts committed during the final game of each team’s season and/or playoffs will be reviewed by the Rules Enforcement Committee for further disciplinary action.  Penalties/misconducts committed during the last game or playoff may receive more severe punishment than during the regular season.
8  All aggressive Major penalties, suspensions & game misconducts will carry over to the following season for a 12-month period.
9  A player receiving 3 penalties in one game will be ejected from that game without suspension, unless a suspension has already been awarded.
10  Within the USA Hockey Body Contact rules of play, any deliberate body check must be penalized with a minor or major penalty, depending on severity or force applied.  Also, any deliberate body check delivered for the purpose of intimidation must receive at least a major penalty, and any deliberate body check resulting in injury to the opponent must receive at least a major and game misconduct penalty.  Any deliberate injurious body check having elements of Boarding, Charging, Checking from Behind, or Head Contact should be assessed a Match penalty for Attempt to Injure.


1.  Any protest must be made by team captains only at the end of the game.  There is a carbon paper protest book with the scorekeeper that must be completed.  Captains may follow up with an email to rosegardenicearena@gmail.com within 24 hours of filing the protest.

Rules for 2017 March AHL League / Updated 2/20/17