The RoseGarden Ice Arena offers lessons for ages 3 years and older for skaters of all abilities This recreational program is sanctioned through the Ice Skating Institute (ISI) and Learn to Skate USA (USFS). RoseGarden Ice Arena offers a variety of classes and schedules to suit your needs. Please click on the program below to link to class information and forms.  Check out our Parent Resource Guide for more rink, club, and lessons information.

**All skaters are required to register with Learn to Skate USA ($17.25). You must register online first and you will receive your Learn to Skate USA number. Put that number on your lesson registration form. You will still receive an ISI membership with your class registration.  The LTSUSA membership runs annually from July 1-June 30.  All 2016 members must renew as of JULY 1, 2017

2017 September / October  Forms:


Registration Form

Learn to Skate and Tots Information

Future Stars Information

Production/Show Information

Parent Resource Guide

Hockey Progression Guide

Online registration is available.  Please click REGISTER in upper right corner and scroll down to the class that you want to register for.

Introductory Classes

Snowplow Sam/Basic 1-2

Learn to Skate/Adult LTS


Private Lessons
Trial Lessons (see below)

Beginner Classes

Basic 3-6

​Learn to Skate/Adult LTS

Hockey Learn to Skate
(must pass Basic 2)

Future Stars
(Basic 3 – Freestyle 10)

Theater on Ice Team


Private Lessons

Off Ice Training

RGIA: ISI and LTS-USA Team Facebook Page

Our RoseGarden Learn to Skate-USA and ISI Skating Team members can be part of our Member Only Facebook Group.  Share ideas, pics, questions, etc on our page RGIA: ISI and LTS-USA Team.  This is a closed group.  Request being added at any time.

Private Lessons:

Do you want to supplement your group lessons with private instruction, have you been invited to a birthday party and don’t know how to skate, are you having a birthday party at the rink and have skaters that are new to the ice, does your child want to come to public skate and you are not comfortable going out on the ice with them…then consider a Private Lesson during any of our public skating sessions.
Private lessons may be arranged with any of our RoseGarden Ice Arena Staff Coaches through our skating school on our Public Skate sessions or on our Freestyle ice.  To inquire about being placed with an approved RoseGarden Ice Arena profession, please email Tiesha
*Private/Trial lessons do not include cost of admission or skate rental.

Trial Lessons: 

Are you unsure if your skater is ready for group lessons…hire a coach for a trial lesson.  If you sign up for a trial lesson and you decide to sign up for a skating class (Learn to Skate or Tots) on the same day  as the trial lesson, your public skate admission will be credited and applied to the skating class you are registering for.  Trial lessons are for one skater.  If multiple skaters want to do a shared lesson, it will be at the discretion of the coach.   Trial lessons are $10.00 for 15 minutes.  You may book a longer lesson if the coach is available for additional time.  After the trial lesson, private lessons would be at the coaches regular coaching rate.

To request a trial lesson:

Email Tiesha with the following:   Name, email, phone number and the public session date and time that is the most convenient.

*Private/Trial lessons do not include cost of admission or skate rental.


  • Trial lessons are for new customers.  Skaters that want book additional public skate lessons will be required to pay the regular rate of the assigned coach.  Please discuss additional lesson rate with the coach if you wish to do additional private lessons.
  • Please allow time for lessons to be booked/assigned.  You must email a request prior to arriving.   Walk in trial lessons may not be available unless we get a cancellation.  Plan Ahead!!!
  • Lesson fees are paid directly to the coach in CASH at the START of the lesson before you go on the ice. We have an ATM in the lobby
  • No show lessons will not be rescheduled with out full payment to the coach for the missed lesson
  • Skaters must be ready for the lesson at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the lesson.  Lessons WILL NOT be pushed back for late arrival and lesson fee will be for the full amount.
  • All cancellations must be communicated directly through the coach after it is scheduled and have at least 48 hours notice.  Any cancellation called into or emailed to the rink rather than contacting the coach directly will be treated as a no-show lesson
  • Trial lessons are given on public skate only.
  • Private lessons on Freestyle sessions are subject to regular private lesson rates ($15-$20 for 15 minutes) and require an ISI Membership and level requirements for participation